How to Set Up an Email Account in Outlook for Android Devices


The purpose of this document is for users to be able to install Outlook 365 using  Android devices. This manual provides basic information on how to install Outlook(an email application) and how to set it up with our work emails.

Before You Begin

Download Outlook through App Store

  1. Please find the Google Play Store on your device

  2. Once in the Google Play Store please search for Outlook.

  3. Download Outlook and open it. The icon looks like this.

Let's Set Up the E-mail Account

  1. If it's your first time using Outlook for Android, enter your full email address, then tap Add Account button.

  2. Enter your email account password and tap the Continue button.

  3. If multi-factor authentication is enabled, verify your identity using Microsoft Authenticator.

  4. The Microsoft Authenticator App (On your Mobile) will then ask you to Approve the login. Please click Approve button and outlook will then be connected.

    Your email account is successfully connected to Outlook. 

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