Introduction to the Bundle Tags Interface

The Job Grid

The Job Grid displays all available jobs and associated schedules.  

The Find, Filtering and Show Status Controls

Bundle Tags can filter Jobs and Schedules using a variety of methods to assist you in locating the tags you require.  

See our article on Finding and Filtering Schedules in Bundle Tags.


Menu Section

The Bundle Tags Menu provides access to a number of different tools.

Refresh The Refresh button reloads the content of the current view like after changing the date range. 
Print Tags Button
The Print Tags button will send the tags for any Schedules selected in the Job Grid to print at your default printer.
Print Schedules Button
The Print Schedules button will print any Schedules selected in the Job Grid to your default printer.
Work in Progress Button
The Work in Progress button opens the Work in Progress window. This will allow you to view the work in progress for a selected date by Schedule or by Product and export a grid.

Scheduling Button
The Scheduling Button opens the Production Scheduling Simulation window, allowing you to simulate the flow of scheduled work through the factory and model various production flows and machine outages.

Cut Optimise Button
The Cut Optimise Button is a shortcut to open the Cut Optimise App.  See the articles under our Cut Optimise section.
Process Machine Data Button
The Process Machine Data Button will load machine data from a USB drive.
Production Status Button
The Production Status Button will open the Production Status window, allowing you to see a Production Summary and Production Breakdown either for the current time or for a selected time.

Reporting Button
The Reporting Button opens the Daily Stock Forecast window. Here you can get Daily Stock Forecasts, Summary Reports and review Scanner Activity for a defined date range. You can also export grids and daily breakdowns to Excel.

Mesh Production Button
The Mesh Production Button opens a shortcut to the Mesh Production window. This allows you to review Mesh Production Planning, Production Batch Details and Production Batch History.

Parameters Button
The Parameters Button opens the Parameters window, allowing you set up standard Mesh & Production preferences, system parameters and stock warnings.

Job Filter Controls
The Job Filter Controls allow you to isolate all Schedules currently in the Job Grid by a selected Job.

See our article on Finding and Filtering Schedules in Bundle Tags.
Print to Screen Checkbox
The Print to Screen Checkbox defaults tag printers to PDF creation as opposed to printing direct to tag printers.

The Job Grid Popup Menu

A good deal of functionality is available from the Job Grid popup menu.  

Feature Functionality
Select All Select All selects all records in the current Jobs Grid view.
Print Grid Print Grid prints the current Jobs Grid view to your default printer.
Export Grid to Excel Export Grid to Excel exports the current Jobs Grid view to a new Excel Workbook.
Export Schedules to PDF Export Schedules to PDF will output the selected Schedule printout(s) to PDF in the folder the folder or of your choice, with the Schedule Number as it's filename. If a range of Schedules are selected each Schedule Printout is exported to it's own separate PDF file.
Schedule Details Schedule Details will open the Summary of Delivery window, which is effectively the same as the Schedule Details window in other parts of the Elda Application Suite.

PLEASE NOTE: If multiple schedules are selected, this will only display details for the first schedule in the range.
Check Stock Availability Check Stock Availability checks for out of stock items on any of the currently selected Jobs in the Jobs Grid.
Clear Date The Clear Date function allows you to reset the Production and/or Delivery Dates for a selected Schedule to it's defaults set during Scheduling.
Change Date The Change Date function is a quick way to modify the Production or Delivery Dates for a manifested schedule.
Change Delivery Time Change Delivery Time allows you to alter the delivery time for a Delivery, by choosing from a list of approved delivery times.
Change Site Change Site allows you to change the production site the products will be delivered from.
Add Schedule Note Add Schedule Note allows you to quickly add notes to selected schedule.

Change Status Change Status allows you to set the delivery status of a job. This includes: Confirmed Delivery Date, Hold Ready, To Be Confirmed and To Be Advised.
Delivery Details Delivery Details allows you to add or change a variety of delivery related information, including: Delivery Tag Colour (Manifested only), Schedule Delivery Notes, Whiteboard Production Comments (Manifested only), Change Offloading Type, Change Transport Type, Change Customer Priority Window and Change Loading Type.
Send Delivery Notifications Send Delivery Notifications sends Email or SMS delivery notifications to the Job's primary site contact.
PLEASE NOTE: To be effective, you need to ensure the Job's contact details are set up correctly prior to manifesting the job.

Copy Copy creates a copy of a Schedule's Tags and/or Schedule Printouts without changing the status of the Schedule.

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