Printer Service Requests and Consumables

Your office printers are supplied and maintained by a third-party Printer Service Supplier:  The BEX

You will need to contact your Printer Service Supplier and lodge a Service Request in the following circumstances:

  • Your printer is displaying an error code, not responding to power up or experiencing a technical fault.
  • Your printer has a paper jam that you can't clear yourself.
  • Your printer's output is not as expected.
    • Unexpected poor quality prints.
    • Ink smudging or toner powder on printed paper.
    • Lines or artefacts appearing on the print.
  • You need to order Printer Consumables
    • Ink or Toner (model dependent)
    • Fuser
    • Other consumable parts
      Please note: Printer Paper is still ordered through your office stationery provider.

If your print issue is PC or Network related (i.e., you can't connect to your printer via the office network or you are having problems printing to a printer from your PC) you will need to contact the Bitberry Support Team by starting a conversation in our helpdesk.


Find your Device Serial Number

Each printer in your office should have an affixed sticker marked with a Serial Number you can use to identify this machine when dealing with your Printer Service Supplier.  This is what we refer to as your Device Serial Number.

Make a note of this number to include with your service request.




Lodging a Service Request

To lodge a request, to the below email address:

Your email MUST INCLUDE:

  • The Device Serial Number
  • A summary of the issue or supplies required.


Escalating a Request

If you don't get a response with in a reasonable time or if your request is urgent, please contact your account manager directly.

Account Manager:

Tim Clayden
Director & Business Experience Consultant
M: 0403 967 976


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