Introduction to the Thimbl Homepage

Before you begin

  • Ensure you can access you company's version of Thimbl (you may know it as ReoNet or FoamHub).
  • Thimbl is accessible anywhere via your web browser of choice.
  • See our article Accessing Thimbl for more information.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to the team at Unipod, you can watch a video tutorial below. Click the Full screen icon for easier viewing. 

Using the Homepage

1. When you log into your Thimbl account this will take you to the homepage, which is set as the default page for this site.   

Across the top of the page, is the menu panel containing links to the Shop tab, Jobs tab, Account tab, Pricing tab and Scheduling tab.

If ever you are lost and want to find your way back to this page, select the home button along the menu panel.


2. When you scroll down the page you will see an overview of your current job. If you have more than one job you can change between jobs using the drop-down list


3. Here you can see overviews of recent schedules and invoices. If you wish to download these you can do so by selecting the ‘download’ button that relates to required invoice.

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