Locking/Unlocking Delivery Days


Locking delivery days is used to prevent additional deliveries being added on chosen days. This allows your Logistics Team to implement time and resource constraints where required to prevent your delivery load targets from becoming unattainable.

Before you begin

Steps to follow

  1. From the Delivery Schedule screen, right-click on the button/s at the top or bottom of the delivery schedule column displaying the date and weather or the rebar, mesh and sundries to be diverted to the delivery’s timeline within the ‘Deliveries for Day’ tab. 
  2. Click the Lock/Unlock option to lock the delivery day.

    A prompt will pop up asking if you would like to lock and/or unlock the delivery day, press the Yes button.

    This will mark the delivery day to Locked.

  3. Right-clicking the button and clicking the Lock/Unlock option again will unlock the delivery day and remove the delivery day’s Locked mark.

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