Searching for an Invoice in Credits

The Find Invoice/Credit Window is used to find your invoice or credit numbers of your choice. This window is made up of two tabs – Search Invoices and Search Existing Credits tabs, where Search Existing Credits is the window’s default tab. 

Using the Search Invoices Tab

Users have the option to search for an invoice by using either a customer name or a job number. 

Search Invoice Using Customer Name

1. In the Search Invoices tab of the Find Invoice/Credit window, press the Select Customer button to open the Find Customer window.  

Follow our article Finding a Customer with the Find Customer Window for more on how to use the find customer window.   

Once a customer has been selected - If available, the customer’s jobs will be displayed in the Customer Jobs grid of the Find Invoice/Credit window’s Search Invoices tab. 

2. Select a job from the Customer Jobs grid.

This will display all job schedules and invoices belonging to the selected job in their respective grids.

3. Find the invoice that you wish to use by selecting from the job invoices grid to see which schedules belong to the selected invoice


By selecting a job schedule to see which invoice they belong to.

4. Once you find the invoice that you wish to use, select and double click on it or press the Use Selected button.


The invoice items grid in the main window will be populated with all the schedule items belonging to the selected invoice.

Search Invoice Using Job Number

1. In the Search Invoices tab, enter the job number that you wish to find invoices for in the Job Number textbox and press enter or the Go button.


If the inputted job number is active, all the jobs belonging to the inputted job number’s customer, and its related schedules and invoices will be displayed in their respective grids.

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