Set Automatic Replies (Out of Office) through Outlook (Android / iOS)


We all have occasions where we're out of the office or unable to receive email.  Automatic Replies provides us with a means to communicate to our contacts that we are unavailable, while setting the expectation as to when we'll be back in touch.  We can also use this as a tool to inform our contacts of any alternative means of contact, for example in the case of an urgent message.  It also allows us to delegate contact to other members of our team who might be in a position to assist.

This article will assist you in setting your automatic replies from the Outlook App in your your mobile device.

Before you begin

  • You are in the Outlook App on your Android or iOS mobile device.


  1. Swipe from the right or click the menu button to open the app menu.

  2. Select the Settings cog.

  3. Choose a Mail Account. If you have multiple mail accounts you may need to set up an automatic reply for each one.

  4. Select Automatic Replies and turn it on.

  5. Choose your Reply time period, if you want to Reply to everyone or Reply only to my organization. If you Reply to everyone, choose if you want to Use different messages. Then add your custom automatic reply messages.

  6. Select the check mark in the top righthand corner of the screen when you're done.

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