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This Knowledge Base Article provides information on how to  View Deliveries that are assigned to you on a selected date.  

Steps to Follow

  1. From the Menu, select View Deliveries
  2. This will redirect you to the Deliveries page.
    Note: If you are an allocated delivery driver, your upcoming deliveries for the day will be displayed. If you have no allocated deliveries or you are offline, the page will be blank. See our article on Working with Oova Offline

Delivery Information

  1. Within the Deliveries, page select the delivery you wish to view the information for.
  2. This will divert you to the delivery’s information screen. Within this section, users can upload delivery information, and view customer details, delivery addresses, contact information, delivery instructions, and delivery items.

  3. To view the product items required to be delivered, navigate to Items on the bottom menu panel.

  4. This will display a list of product items on the selected delivery.

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