Working with the Job Management System

Before you begin

Searching for Jobs

1. In the Job Management window, select the filtering option that you wish to search the jobs by.


2. Enter the search text or select a search option from the dropdown depending on the filtering option you selected.



3. Press the Search button to begin the search.


4. You can export the jobs shown in the grid to Excel by pressing the Excel button or you can reset the search by pressing the No Filter button.

Viewing Job Breakdown

1. Follow steps above to find the Job you wish to view the job breakdown of.

2. Select and double click on the job to bring up the Job Breakdown window.



3. Press the Excel button if you wish to export the schedule breakdown to an Excel format.


4. Press the Project Delivery Change button to open the Project Planner window if you wish to change the delivery dates for open schedules.


a. In the Project Planner window, select the schedules you wish to change the delivery date of.


b.  You can change the delivery dates by selecting the date from the Change Delivery Date section.image303


Adding the number of days to the current delivery date from the Add Days section.


c. Press the Process button from the section of your selection to change the delivery date.



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