Syncing Delivery Address


It's possible to synchronise the selected job schedules to have the same delivery address. Syncing delivery addresses will default and automatically update the delivery location and charge one delivery fee for the selected schedules.

Before you begin

Steps to follow

  1. Select the Manifest which you’d like to sync the delivery address by clicking the grey box next to the manifest. 
    For help locating an existing manifest, see our article on Finding an Existing Manifest.

  2. Proceed to the ‘Manifested Items’ tab. Select the job schedules on the manifest that you wish to have their delivery addresses synchronised. Once selected, right-click and choose Sync Address from the sub-categories shown. 
  3. The ‘Sync Delivery Location’ window will appear – Select the job schedule with the address that you wish the other job schedules in the list to have.
  4. Press the Sync button to synchronise the addresses of all the job schedules in the list with the selected job schedule’s address. (This will also change the job schedules’ addresses in database and therefore cannot be reverted unless changed from the database directly.)  
  5. Press the Exit button to close the window.

  6. In the main window, press the Refresh button to refresh the manifest to show the updated delivery address for the manifest.  

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