Adding Schedules to a Manifest

Before you begin

Steps to follow

  1. Create a New Manifest OR select the manifest you wish to edit by clicking the grey box next to the manifest. 
    For help locating an existing manifest, see our article on Finding an Existing Manifest.

  2. Proceed to the Schedule Items tab. 
  3. Within this tab you can view items on the manifest or add schedules for collection. To add an item, select Add to Manifest
  4. You will be prompted to filter deliveries via a date range.

    Or Job and/or Schedule number

    Or Description

  5. Enter the details for your preferred filter method, select ‘Refresh’ – All deliveries that are factoried (locked) but un-manifested relating to the filter will populate in the field below. 
  6. Select and right click the schedule/s you wish to add to the manifest, select add items and proceed to save the changes.
  7. The selected schedules from the ‘Add Items’ option within the Manifest Items tab will now reflect within the ‘On Manifest’ option.

    Schedules that have been put into the manifest will have their delivery dates overwritten with the manifest delivery date.

  8. Once your schedule items are added, select Save.

  9. You will now need to allocate the schedules onto the manifest run. Select all schedules. 
  10. Then select Create Deliveries for Run – This will allocate a delivery docket ID to the selected schedules.

    If required select the checkbox to group, the deliveries by PO number when assigned a delivery docket ID

  11. Once the schedules have an allocated delivery docket ID, they will appear under the Run Items Tab.

    The system automatically merges delivery dockets for multiple job schedules which are delivered on a single delivery. This only applies to job schedules with the same job number, destination address, purchase order number and truck type

  12. If required, follow our article on Adding Credits, Purchase Order Collections or Transfers to Manifests.

  13. Once your Run Items have been allocated, use the arrows to change the sequence of the run items if required – The sequence will automatically save when adjusted. 
  14. Then navigate back to the Manifest # tab.

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