Selecting Records in a Table/Grid


Grids and tables are utilised throughout the Elda (Chrome) application suite to display data records.  

In most cases, when working with grids and tables, it's possible to select multiple records and/or ranges of records.  These can include:

  • Selecting a single record.
  • Selecting a range of records.
  • Selecting multiple single record to a selection.
  • Deselecting individual records from a range selection.

Before you begin

  • PLEASE NOTE: Not all tables allow multiple row selection.

Select a Single Record

  1. Click the row selector for the record you want to select.

Select a Range of Records

  1. Click the row selector of the first record you want to add to your selection range.

  2. While holding shift key, click the row selector of the last record in the range of records you want to select.

Add a Record(s) to a Selection 

While holding the CTRL key, click the row selector of the record(s) you wish to add to your selection.

Remove a row from a selection 

While holding the CTRL key, click the row selector of an selected record(s) you wish to remove from your selection.  This is especially useful when removing individual records from a selected range of records.

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