How to Setup Elda(Chrome) in Citrix Workspace on your Desktop


This is a basic guide on how to setup Citrix Workspace for remote work with Elda(Chrome).  Citrix Workspace is a digital workspace software platform.

Steps to take

Citrix Workspace/Chrome step by step guide:

  1. First, you will need to download Citrix Workspace.  Browse the appropriate link below and follow the prompts to download Workspace:
  2. Once downloaded, run the install, following the setup prompts.

  3. Once the setup is complete click Add Account from the Installation Successful alert window.

  4. Once in the Add Account tab, enter the address and click Continue.

  5. Once this account has been added, please enter in your login credentials provided by the Bitberry team.
    a.  Make sure to have ELDAin front of your username eg. ELDA\JohnD

  6. Once you login, you'll find yourself at Citrix StoreFront. If you don't see any apps under your Home page, click on the Apps tile to see all your available Apps.

  7. Now you are logged into Citrix, please make sure to log in to Elda (Chrome) system.
    See our article here on Log in to an Elda(Chrome).

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