How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook


When you have to send emails to the same group of people. The easier option will be to create a Contact Group. This will remove the hassle of adding contacts one by one to each email.

Steps to follow

  1. Click on the People Icon located on the Navigation bar.

  2. Click on the arrow next to the New Contact button located in the top left corner and select the  Contact Group option from the drop-down list or press the Ctrl Key + Shift Key  + L.

  3.  Type in the name for the Contact Group. For this example, the group name will be Best Bar Team KB.

  4. Click on the Add Members button. Click on  Add Members > From Address  Book.  For this example, we will add members using the Global Address List in Outlook. The drop-down box will have the following options. 
    1. From Outlook Contacts
    2. From Address Book
    3. New E-mail Contact

  5. Select Contacts for your new contact group. We can go about it in different ways. Please see the following methods to select members for your group. 
    1. Select contacts of the group by double-clicking on the member details.

    2. Search for contacts using the search bar top left of the Select member's popup window. Please ensure to select the correct Address book before you search from the top right options.

    3. You can also select multiple contacts at once by holding the Ctrl key + clicking on contacts and then clicking on the ENTER button

  6.  Click on the OK button to add the selected contacts to your contact group. Outlook will display them in your contact group.


  7. Click on Save & Close button.

  8. Outlook will display your new contact group in your contacts lists. You can navigate to this page by clicking on the People button from the navigation bar.

    PLEASE NOTE: You have successfully created a  Contact Group in Outlook.

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