Correcting Mismatching Invoice Delivery Charges


In Invoicer, when attempting to lock an invoice, you see the error message: "Delivery docket and invoice charges are not the same."

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you are logged into the Elda (Chrome) Invoicer application. See our article Getting Started with Invoicer for more.
  • Ensure you have a record of the affected invoice number.

Steps to follow

  1. Select and double-click on the affected invoice.

  2. If the delivery charges do not match, they need to be edited to match. 
  3. Update the value in the "Delivery D Charge" textbox to the correct delivery charge amount, which will update the other delivery charge values. 
  4. Press Save to update the invoice.
  5. You can proceed to lock and generate the invoice by printing it.

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