Configure a BitConnect device

Before you begin

  • It is highly recommended you have a DHCP reservation for the BitConnect device
  • Have on hand the serial communications settings required by the factory machine
  • Have an antenna connected to the BitConnect device
  • Have a power supply connected to the BitConnect device
  • The device must be in a factory default state. See Reset a BitConnect device.
  • Pick a device you wish to use for the configuration. It is suggested to use a mobile device so as not to remove your primary workstation from the business network.
  • The BitConnect device will prompt you to reboot after every change in settings. It is not necessary to reboot after every change and a reboot can be left until all settings have been set.

Steps to take

  1. Power on the BitConnect device
    The BitConnect device should indicate power is applied and begin to boot
  2. After a short while, the BitConnect device should begin advertising a Wi-Fi network.
    For example, this BitConnect device is advertising Wi-Fi network Bitconnect-W610-2C18
  3. Join the Wi-Fi network advertised by the BitConnect device
    Your device will be issued an IP address by the BitConnect device but importantly, the BitDevice can be found at IP address
  4. Open a web browser on your device
  5. Enter into the navigation bar go
    Note: This is the IP address of the BitConnect device to which your device is connected
    Your browser should prompt to log in to

  6. Enter admin for Username, enter admin for Password, and tap Log In
  7. You should land on the Quick Configure page of the BitConnect device
  8. Tap on Mode Selection
  9. Select STA Mode and
    This sets the BitConnect device to operate in station mode (a device on a Wi-Fi network) instead of access point mode (advertising a Wi-Fi network)
  10. Tap on STA Interface Setting
  11. Tap Search
    Your browser will open a new tab for the BitConnect device Site Survey
    The BitConnect device will scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks and display a list of found networks
  12. Check the radio button beside the Wi-Fi network you wish to join and tap Apply
    Your browser will close the Site Survey tab, returning to the configuration tab
  13. Update the STA Inferface Parameters as required for selected network and tap Apply
    Note: Selecting a Wi-Network above typically sets Security Mode and Encryption Type for the selected network but it is worth confirming the settings
  14. Tap Application Settings
  15. Update the Uart Settings as required for the factory machine to which the BitConnect device will connect and tap Apply
  16. Tap Device Management
  17. Tap Restart

    The BitConnect device should restart. All but the the power (PWR) lights should go out.

    The BitConnect device should begin to boot using the newly configured settings.

    If the BitConnect device it is able to join the configured network

    • The link (LKN) light should light
    • The BitConnect device should no longer be advertising a Wi-Fi network
    • The BitConnect device should be found in the DHCP tables in the DHCP server or router associated with the network to which it is connected
  18. If the BitConnect device does not appear able to join the configured network, reset it and start these configuration steps again. See Reset a BitConnect device.

Where to from here

  • If the BitConnect device does not appear able to join the configured network, reset the BitConnect device and start these configuration steps again. See Reset a BitConnect device.

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