Mount a BitConnect device


In order to make the best use the BitConnect device, it's important to mount it in as convenient location as possible.


There are a couple of things to consider when looking to mount a BitConnect device. The most obvious thing is to mount the device within cable reach of the factory machine serial input connector and within reach of a power supply. If you are looking to use the BitConnect device connected to a Wi-Fi network, then the usual considerations for installing Wi-Fi devices should be made such as not being behind metal or thick walls, mounted as high as possible, and so on.

  • higher the better
  • not enclosed in a metal container

Mounting Your BitConnect Device

The below diagram will assist you or your maintenance staff to properly fit the M4 screws required for mounting your BitConnect device.

Each BitConnect requires:  Minimum 2 x M4 screws.

Please ensure all relevant safety protocols are observed as per your organisations Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

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