Week 05- Route Planning 



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  1. How are the Delivery Runs Optimized 
    1. According to the travel time
    2. According to the delivered items
    3. According to roads that are used
    4. According to the  truck type of run

  2. When are the route plans requested in the Manifests application?
    1. Before adding run items
    2. After saving the manifest
    3. Before saving the manifest
    4. During delivery runs

  3. What button should you press if you want to use the optimized route in the Manifests application?
    1. Refresh 
    2. Use Current 
    3. Apply Changes
    4. Use Optimised 

  4. When should you click the Refresh button in the Route Planner pane?
    1. Before saving the manifest
    2. After applying the optimized route
    3. If details are not displayed immediately
    4. Whenever there is a manifest open

  5. What data can we get from the Route Planner SectionSingle choice.
    1. Item Reference 
    2. Address
    3. Estimated Offloading Time
    4. Duration to Site
    5. Distance to Site
    6. Duration
    7. Distance (km)
    8. Run Order
    9. All of above



  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria: Rochelle Plew
  • New South Whales: Vanessa Abad
  • Western Australia: Samantha Wong
  • South Australia: Rahul Dhandapani


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