Week 06- Events Tab in Scheduler



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  1. What does the Events tab in Elda Scheduler display?
    1. A list of job details
    2. A grid of events added to the schedule.
    3. A summary of consumables used
    4. A log of user actions

  2. How can you add a new event in the Events tab?
    1. Double-click on a blank space
    2. Right-click and select “Add New Event”
    3. Click the “Manage” button
    4. Input the event details and click “Save”

  3. What additional action can you perform in the Events tab?
    1. Modify existing Event Types
    2. Delete the entire schedule
    3. Change the job number
    4. Adjust the event’s start time

  4. Where can you find the Default Cost in Minutes for an Event Type?
    1. In the job details
    2. Inside the event description
    3. Under the Manage button
    4. Corresponding to each Event Type

  5. How do you delete an event from the table?
    1. Right-click the event’s row header
    2. Double-click the event
    3. Use the Delete key
    4. Select the event’s start time



  • Head Office: Amy Hoffman
  • Victoria: Rochelle Plew
  • New South Whales: Vanessa Abad
  • Western Australia: Michelle Malone
  • South Australia: Rahul Dhandapani


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