Week 07 - Microsoft 365 Essentials



  1. Which feature in Microsoft Word allows for the collaborative editing of documents in real time?
    1. Track Changes
    3. Share
    4. Versions

  2. Which of the following options is NOT a valid way to align text in Microsoft Word?
    1. Justify
    2. Distribute
    3. Center
    4. Flush

  3. Which Excel function in excel adds the numerical values in a range of cells
    1. STDEV()
    2. AVERAGE()
    3. COUNT()
    4. SUM()

  4. What address box should you use if you want to hide message recipients from each other?
    1. Bcc
    2. To
    3. CC
    4. From

  5. You are creating a new email message to Tim and Jo. You need a response from Tim, but are simply informing Jo. How should you address the email?
    1. to Tim and Jo
    2. to Tim and bcc Jo
    3. to Jo and bcc Tim
    4. to Tim and cc Jo



  • Head Office:  Heidi Hargreaves
  • Victoria: Rochelle Plew
  • New South Whales: Vanessa Abad
  • Western Australia:  Emma Dunham
  • South Australia: Senthuran Jeyakumari


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