Week 09- Job Drawings



  1. The button we use to access the Job Drawings feature for schedules
    1. Schedule
    2. Tool Button
    3. Job Button
    4. Diary Button

  2. Where to update details in order to create a new Drawing Group in the Job Drawing Window
    1. Enter a description under the Group column
    2. Create a job drawing group number
    3. Enter description under Drawing Number column

  3. What is correct process to add schedules into a group (02Marks)
    1. Select the schedule row > Drag into the group window
    2. Make sure the schedule is selected > select the schedule number section > Drag into the group window
    3. Select the schedule row > select the section description > Drag into the group window

  4. What is the objective of the Job Drawings Function
    1. To organise multiple schedules in one go.
    2. To create groups for schedules in one go.
    3. To upload drawings across schedules in one go.
    4. To let other team members know of uploaded drawings in multiple schedules.



  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria: Rochelle Plew
  • New South Whales: Dannielle Alexander
  • Western Australia: Michelle Malone 
  • South Australia: Liam Mendis


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