Week 10 - Elda LoadScan



  1. What's the right way to open multiple manifest tabs in Elda LoadScan?
    1. Enter all Manifest numbers together in the Barcode textbox
    2. Scan all barcodes at once in the Barcode textbox
    3. Scan or type each Manifest number separately to open them in different tabs
    4. Open Elda LoadScan in multiple instances

  2. What action will change the color of the Manifest tab to Light Blue?
    1. Scanning the employee tag
    2. Refreshing the Manifest list
    3. Scanning the first item for loading
    4. Clicking the "Show Loaded Items" checkbox

  3. Under what condition would the message "Tag [Tag Number Here] is not on this Manifest" appear?
    1. When rescanning an item with an invalid tag
    2. After refreshing the Manifest list twice
    3. Upon scanning an item not listed on the Manifest
    4. When clicking the "Show Loaded Items" checkbox

  4. Do you want to mark the Manifest as complete" is prompted is which scenario
    1. Initiating a load scan
    2. Marking items as load scanned
    3. Closing an manifest with uncompleted load scans
    4. Enabling the feature

  5. What follows after clicking "Yes" and receiving a list of items not load scanned?
    1. Confirmation to mark all items as load scanned
    2. The manifest is marked as incomplete
    3. Re-initiating the load scanning process
    4. Closing the manifest without further action



  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria: Diane Christou
  • Western Australia: Michelle McCAige
  • South Australia: Liam Mendis
  • New South Wales : Dannielle Alexander


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