Week 12 - Unified Contacts in Teams



  1. Where is the Unified Contacts Located in MS Teams
    1. Located in the Settings Options
    2. Located on the hand panel of the MS Teams App
    3. Located in the Notifications Area of Teams

  2. What action is performed by clicking the Unified Contacts button on the left-hand panel
    1. Sending an email
    2. Searching for a contact
    3. Opening the chat window for Teams

  3. Which button should you click to initiate a call with the intended recipient?
    1. Teams Chat Button
    2. Teams Email Button
    3. Teams Call Button

  4. How can you send an email to the intended recipient?
    1. Teams Chat Button
    2. By clicking the Teams Chat Button
    3. By clicking the Teams Email Button

  5. Unified Contacts button do when you type in a contact name and click the Search button?
    1. It searches for the contact in the Company Directory and Outlook personal contact list
    2. It sends an email to the intended recipient
    3. It initiates a call with the intended recipient



  • Head Office: Lee Kopacz
  • Victoria: Diane Christou
  • Western Australia: Mahela Weerakoon
  • South Australia: Lakruwan Kekiriwaththe
  • New South Wales: Dannielle Alexander


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