Week 14- How to Connect to a VPN



  1. What is the primary purpose of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
    1. To increase internet speed.
    2. To enable secure data transmission over shared or public networks.
    3. To reduce the cost of internet services.

  2. Which step should be completed before attempting to connect to the VPN?
    1. Completing Microsoft Authenticator setup.
    2. Installing antivirus software.
    3. Setting up Microsoft Office.

  3. Where can you find the Network icon on your computer to start connecting to the VPN?
    1. In the Start menu.
    2. On the far right of the taskbar.
    3. On the far left of the taskbar.

  4. When prompted for your username while connecting to Best Bar VPN, how should it be entered?
    1. Just the username.
    2. Your full name.
    3. Company\Your Username

  5. What will the Microsoft Authenticator App ask you to do after entering your username and password?
    1. Update the app.
    2. Restart your device.
    3. Approve the login.



  • Head Office: Zara Coote
  • Victoria: Diane Christou
  • Western Australia: Samantha Wong
  • South Australia: Rahul Dhandapani
  • New South Wales: Dannielle Alexander


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