Week 15- How to Update Elda's Applications



  1. What should you do if ChromeUpdater seems unresponsive after launching it?
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Close all applications and run it again.
    3. Check if it is running in the background via the System Tray.

  2. What should you ensure before beginning the update process with ChromeUpdater?
    1. Completing Microsoft Authenticator setup.
    2. No Elda apps or processes are running.
    3. ChromeUpdater is uninstalled.

  3. How do you begin the reinstallation process of an Elda application using ChromeUpdater?
    1. Select the application and click Uninstall.
    2. Select and right-click the application row, then select Reinstall Component.
    3. Double-click the application to start the reinstallation.

  4. What will ChromeUpdater do after you confirm the replacement of existing files during the reinstallation process?
    1. Restart the computer automatically.
    2. Continue updating Elda components.
    3. Display a warning message.

  5. What action should you take if ChromeUpdater prompts you to confirm reinstalling all Elda components but you decide not to?
    1. Click Yes to proceed with reinstalling all Elda components.
    2. Click No to cancel the reinstallation process.
    3. Uninstall ChromeUpdater.



  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria: Yashi Gonzales
  • Western Australia: Emma Dunham
  • South Australia: Senthuran Jeyakumar
  • New South Wales: Dannielle Alexander


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