How to Connect Chrome Account in Reonet


This knowledge base article will provide information on how to add a database in Chrome in Reonet. 


Before you begin

  • Ensure you can access your company's version of Thimbl (you may know it as ReoNet or FoamHub).
  • See our article on Accessing Thimbl for information on how to log in to the Thimbl portal.


Steps to Follow 

  1. Click on your username at the top right of the homepage and click on Account Details.
  2. Click on the Chrome Details Option from the left Navigation Option.
  3. Type in your Chrome Username from under the Add Database section.

  4. Type in your Chrome Password from under the Add Database section.

  5. Select the Chrome Database you need.

  6. Click on the Link Account button.


Reonet will display the connected database in the  Database List on top of the page. 



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