Week 16- Managing My Account in Reonet



  1. A must have to access Account Details in Reonet
    1. The Reonet website opened up
    2. Account with Reonet
    3. A chrome account

  2. Can Reonet be accessed by customers
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe

  3. How do you navigate to the Account Details Section on Reonet
    1. Login > Click on Management dropdown
    2. Login > Click on the Username > Select My Apps
    3. Login > Click on Username>Select Account Details

  4. What can i manage in the Account Details Page
    1. My Details
    2. Change Password
    3. Connect Chrome Account
    4. Clocking History
    5. Change Account Type
    6. All of Above

  5. How to check which databases in chrome have already been connected in Reonet
    1. Will need to add and check
    2. I dont know
    3. In Chrome Details page above the Add Database section



  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria:  Rochelle Plew
  • Western Australia:  Michelle Malone
  • South Australia: Lakruwan Kekiriwaththe
  • New South Wales: Dannielle Alexander
  • Northern Territory: Daven Li


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