Add Scanner Shift Targets Management


A new feature has been added to Scanner Analysis Systems application where it is possible to display the current scanners, their targets, and to update the scans and item values. 

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have access to Scanner Analysis System. If you don't see Scanner Analysis System in your available Elda (Chrome) shortcuts, you may need to request access to it. Please see our article on how to Request access to an Elda Application.

Steps to follow

  1. Navigate to Scanners tab.

  2. Click the Shift Targets button. It will open a new window.

  3. Values for each columns (even for the existing entries) can now be updated. Just make sure that the numbers in Scans and Items columns are greater than or equal to zero.

  4. Values are automatically saved upon input. You may also click the Refresh button to verify the changes.

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